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Leeds East Airport (LEA) is Yorkshire’s latest aviation development, dedicated to bringing you first class service for all your domestic and European flights. Enjoy flying from one of Britain’s most accessible airports. Enjoy many of the bespoke travel options offered, safe in the knowledge that safety and discretion are top priorities.
We have Avgas and JetA1 available to purchase at excellent rates with other lubricants available.

Check Your Flight Weather

Check the local weather forecast for
Leeds East Airport before you fly.

Jet A-1/Avgas Prices

PPR prior to landing – Call operations on:
Mon-Fri 0800-1800hrs – 01937 534197
Sat-Sun 0800-1800hrs – 07541 226316
Credit/debit card payments only.
Jet A-1 £0.73 & Avgas £1.75 per litre inc VAT

Cafe at LEA

Keep your eyes peeled for our new menu coming soon!